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Winry Rockbell Fan Community~


Fans of Winry Unite!!
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So why shouldn't Winry have a community all to herself, huh?? That's right, NO REASON! So here we are~!


1. You must like Winry. Duh.

2. No Winry bashing. We don't tolerate wank here. Besides, there's already two anti-Winry communities for you to do that... >.>;; (Exceptions are if you're making a character analysis and point out some of her faults or something, because faulty characters are good and what keep them from being the equivalent of Mary Sues.)

3. Try to stay on topic- that is, Winry-related in some way. Or at the very least, having something to do with FMA. >_>;

4. If it's long or really big (that sounds kinda wrong...), put it behind an lj-cut please. Consideration, peoples!

5. If it's R-rated or above, also lj-cut it with a warning.

6. Spoilers for the series will be labeled as such, preferably with an lj-cut and/or warning for what episode/chapter you may be spoiling.

Winry Rockbell is love

Creator: csakuras